Dear High Achieving Couples Struggling to Elevate to The Next Level…

Have you tried it ALL?

Fitness — Meditation — Habit Change — Morning Routine — Diet — Business Coaching — Therapy

But still can’t find a way to balance and sustain your life?

How could this be possible when all these methods have shown so much success over time?

Because our home is not operating on the same wave length as us and we’re not fully in-sync with our better half.

As much as we, as executives and entrepreneurs, need to level up, our best halves need to do so as well…

While Remaining in Alignment every step of the way…

Which is why The Own It Couples Academy exists.

Among these key concepts to alignment include…

Solving the Energy Equation for good (don’t worry, we’ll get to it), creating a combined vision, maximizing your communication, and establishing habits that will enhance not only the Kings and Queens of the household but also the business, while living the life we designed on our terms, not the worlds.

We have designed a custom program for high achieving couples where we ask both you AND your partner to show up for 6 sessions in an open and honest way to grow together. How do we do this, might you ask? It all starts with finding YOUR own personal clarity.

And The Best Part… Our Couple’s Academy Is Completely FREE.

Create the Vision… Together

We all want to be wealthy, energized, healthy, and run thriving households and businesses…but how do we get there? No matter how hard one person pushes, it takes a team. The person who said you can’t have a thriving personal and professional life never went through The Couples Academy.

The Energy Equation

Every interaction starts with people…and what drives people? Energy. We are complex beings made up of both Inner and Outer energy. Once you solve the energy equation, you will have tangible steps that will allow you to show up as the best version of yourself in a sustainable way.

Coaches Need Coaches

As a part of the express program, gain access to an exclusive group session with our amazing relationship coach, Kathy Dawson. She has done amazing work with us to not only make sure we get on the same page, but to ensure we STAY on the same page.

Come Together For 6 FREE Sessions to Define Your Mission, Vision & Purpose And How to Put It Into Action to Achieve the Life You Want