Master Your Wearable in 6 Minutes

I’ve talked about how your heart rate variability is one of the most useful measurements on your wearable device. From improving your sleep, to helping you never get sick again, a wearable device is an essential tool in your arsenal.

Understanding HRV is also not that complicated, once you get a hang of it. And once you can grasp HRV, it opens up a whole for you to optimize your health, performance, and wealth. Because of it’s simplicity, I decided to create this video and accompanying ebook, Master Your Wearable.

With Master Your Wearable, you’ll learn everything you need to know to start making real actionable change today with your wearable device.

Watch the video and download the ebook for free.

Oh, and if you’re looking to go really deep with Heart Rate Variability, I also recently wrote an in-depth article for Simpli Faster on how to Manage Your Recovery with HRV.