Energy Measurement

Inner Energy Assessments


What gets measured gets managed. When we hear this popular phrase, we often think of what we’d call “outer energy” measurements: HRV, sleep, workouts. But when it comes to the mental side of our performance, wellbeing, and happiness, the same is true.

Traditionally, however, these have always been difficult to quantify… until now.

Once you’re taught how to dissect and assess the parts that make up your inner energy, it will directly feed into your outer energy performance and your success will taste that much better.

Why? Because you didn’t just run through the wall and hurt yourself like most people would, you simply opened the door and walked through it, not only moving towards success, but moving towards fulfillment at the same time.

Energy Leadership Index


The Energy Leadership Index assessment gauges how you approach your work and life by understanding that your mental state can be quantified. Having data to gauge your energy and emotional state is the first step to bringing awareness and making changes. With the awareness and insights from the ELI, you’ll now know how you can shift your attitude and worldview to boost everything from your work productivity, to your communication and morale.


The ELI assessment can be taken initially and as a follow up in order to measure changes and improvements in your inner energy.

Emotional Intelligence (EIQ-2)


Emotional intelligence helps us excel in all our interpersonal relationships. To laugh, to lead, to create deeper bonds with those around us. Research shows that EQ can be learned and correlates with professional success, communication, leadership, productivity, decisions and more. 


The EIQ-2 Assessment will assess you on the various aspects of emotional intelligence, show your strength and weaknesses, and provide suggestions and a framework to develop your EQ.

Everything DiSC


This time-tested (over 30 years since its inception) assessment is geared towards helping you better understand the type of worker you are. What your priorities, preferences, and values are, and how knowing that can help you excel in your workplace by assessing how you like to communicate and which styles of communication work best for you.

Energy Leadership Index 360


The ELI 360 includes everything from the ELI assessment and includes a self-assessment for leadership skills and a rating from up to 25 colleagues. This specifically dials in your leadership style and reflects your skills and abilities to communicate, teach, motivate, and relate to those around you. This can be reflected from regular situations, as well as during conflicts or other challenging interactions.

Emotional Intelligence 360 (EIQ-2)


The 360 version allows specified colleagues to answer EQ questions about you, allowing you to compare and uncover blindspots around your emotional intelligence.

Workplace Big Five


The Workplace Big Five assesses someone’s unique leadership abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and approaches. Unlike the other assessments, this one can’t be changed. It’s an assessment of our natural tendencies. This can help you see your natural inclinations, but can also be used as an effective tool for helping determine the right fit in the hiring process for your business.

Outer Energy Assessments

Own It Technology


Using data to drive our decision-making and finding the perfect solutions for you is at the core of the Own It system. Own It Technology is centered around a wearable device, and finding the right one for you (they all have their unique benefits). The other core piece of the Own It technology is actually learning how to use your wearable. In particular, we’ll focus on understanding heart rate variability (HRV), the one simple-to-understand metric that can guide your decision making when it comes to recovery, stress, training, productivity, and more.

DNA Testing


Our DNA, literally, is what makes us different from everybody else. It can also explain why training methods, nutrition strategies, and lifestyles that seem to work for some people, can be harmful and counterproductive to others.


With a DNA test, you can get a full breakdown of what diet, training, and lifestyle will work best for YOU by examining your unique genetic structure.This performance-driven DNA test will assess:


  • What sleep routines work best for you
  • Your likely vitamin deficiencies, allergies, and other nutritional components
  • Your natural tendency towards endurance, strength, pain tolerance and more
  • Personalized suggestions for what to do with all this information, a hallmark of our DNA testing so that you can actually make changes. 
  • Much more