Track Something: The Simple Solution for Sustainable Progress

Why should we track something? And what do we mean by ‘something?’

By something, we mean anything. I know, we’re getting very abstract here.

Usually when we talk about tracking, we’re thinking about the wearable devices like Whoop Bands and Apple watches (among others a part of the billion-dollar wearable industry) that monitor sleep, physical outputs, recovery, and more.

But we could also track something like the number of steps you take in a day. I know I’ve done that. When you’re aware of how many steps you get and always try to hit a number, you’re going to take more steps than if you’re not tracking steps. Why?


It’s all about making you aware of what you’re tracking. Things that we are aware of, all of the sudden, become changeable. We can take action on them. Whether that’s steps, HRV, or whatever. In other words, something.

When you stopped using it, and your actual movement went down. It was because you were no longer aware of it. You were no longer as focused on it.

And as much as it goes for the outer energy, it goes for the inner energy as well, because it all comes back to awareness. 

With the inner energy and mindset side, often the concepts can get very abstract. I mean, who really has a good definition for ‘mindset?’ It’s such an intangible thing to think about. So, in order to improve it, we should first bring something tangible to it that we can measure and become aware of it.

That’s why we came up with the concept of the seven levels of energy. When you can identify where your energy is on a scale of 1-7, you can make connections between certain thoughts, feelings, actions, and beliefs, and your level of energy.

In other words, bringing awareness to your mindset.

When you actually measure it, that’s where the beauty of it comes in. You can measure where you resonate, what level of energy you’re at. From that awareness, you can make action plans. I can say, “Okay, maybe in that situation I was frustrated and I showed up at a level two energy but didn’t feel good for me.” Obviously, the goal is to feel better and resonate at a higher energy level. 

So, what can you do? When you measure your energy level, you bring awareness to it, and you can then use that information and take action and make change.

In each of our lives, there’s something you want to change. Whether it’s weight loss, more energy, better relationships, the only way to create long-term sustainable change is to become aware of it. The way to become aware of it is through tracking and measuring. So ask yourself: 

What is it you’re trying to change? 

Spend some time thinking about that. Once you’re clear on one charge you’re trying to make, think about what you can measure and track to bring awareness to that. Just track something; the magic of awareness is half the battle.

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

It’s easy in this day and age to get caught up in what other people doing. Whether it’s the fitness experts, business gurus, friends, or your significant other, comparison is a natural human sentiment.

This year, everybody has had their struggles.

Personally, this year, I’ve worked on overcoming comparison myself to others, whether that’s Justin, colleagues, or people on social media.

With so much time alone with ourselves it’s given me the space to be more introspective about my connection with myself

Now, I’ve always had a positive connection with myself, but this year has allowed me dwell on it further, to deepen it, to identify who I really am, and ask questions about how I then carry that in my interactions with others.

In my introspection, I found myself asking myself: What unique perspectives, experiences, and skills do I carry with me in my interactions?

Once I did the introspective work, the comparison bug dissipated. I knew my experiences could also offer a new perspective and varying strengths to my interaction with colleagues, clients, and yes, my partner Justin.

I see myself as a valuable member of others’ support teams, and likewise, I now recognize more which relationships bring me up.

Now, I feel like I’m getting to closer to where all of my relationships bring me fulfillment and growth that’s greater than the sum of our individual experiences.

In other words, the sum is greater than its parts.

And it all started with looking inward, rather than outward at others.