A letter from the founder…

I have been at the place where your are at… feeling unfulfilled despite success and tired of feeling stuck. After playing & later coaching NHL hockey, I couldn’t understand why reaching the pinnacle of my career didn’t feel more gratifying. Something was still off though. I decided to put my Own It theory to the test. Once I was able to identify the pillars in my life that I needed to tweak in order to solve the puzzle… I was able to find fulfillment, polish and improve my relationships, and live a high performance life. Now I, along with my bad-ass fiancee Alyse, want to help you make that same radical shift in your life.

-Justin Roethlingshoefer

Justin Roethlingshoefer


Justin has 12+ years in the performance, health, nutrition & mindset space. He has worked as a performance director in the NCAA, NHL, runs a private camp for pro hockey players, and works with some of the busiest CEOs. He has written three books on body development & fitness that have been amazon best sellers for the category, while also releasing the own it manual. With own it Justin runs the outer energy coaching team.

Alyse Gaulin

CEO & Co-Founder

Alyse has 11+ years of experience working as an executive in the luxury fashion industry. She is also a certified core energy coach through iPEC. As a female in a largely dominated male industry she has mastered the skills and habits required for building quality relationships, fostering infectious leadership, and defining what it means to be an executive. Through own it, she heads up the inner energy coaching team, looking to redefine the journeys of many!