In life, we only get one opportunity. I know, I sound like an Eminem song. 

But, it’s true. And, even though it may be a bit trite, it’s always a good reminder to tell ourselves that it’s never too late to take a chance, to reinvent ourselves, to steer in the direction of our dreams instead of trudging along a path where we’re digging a deeper and deeper ditch.

I’ve had stretches where I thought I was heading the right direction, but I didn’t realized what it was doing to me. Whether it was my anorexic youth brought on comments from a hockey coach, or the pattern of needing drugs to get through crazy workdays. I needed stimulants to get me going relaxants to sleep at night. I’ve been divorced, fired, completely lost, and unfulfilled.

I’ve felt that pain. You’ve probably felt that pain too. Or, you’re going through it now.

But whether you’re going through a difficult period right now, or whether you’re at your best and looking to go further (man, that’s the time to watch the magic happen), I have the same questions:

What are you investing in? 

I don’t just mean investing money. Are you investing in furthering yourself by reading books instead of scrolling through Instagram?

Who are you investing in?

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Which people are you investing most of your energy into? What changes could you make to shift your environment to surround yourself with people more conducive to your growth.

Where are you spending your time, your money, your attention?

Because we have one body, that’s it. One magnificent bag of carbon to guide us through this world until we pass on. We only get one shot at this. But it’s never too late to alter your direction, alter your path.

Business giant (co-founder of PayPal, among other features) Peter Thiel brought up a groundbreaking thought exercise on Tim Ferriss’s Podcast. He said, “if you have a 10-year plan of how to get there, you should ask: why can’t you do this in 6 months?”

As a pure thought exercise, put aside the (seeming) ridiculousness of the questions and think about it, journal on it.

It’s also a reminder to change the way you’re thinking. Imagine big goals even if at first they seem like they require massive otherworldly action. What are the simple steps you can take to achieving them?

Come back and think that movement, physically moving the body, physically challenging the body. It creates confidence and that confidence allows us to take massive action.

What if you could get your body where you want it to be in 2 years in 8 weeks? How would you maximize that and what kind of action would it take to get there?

Imagine you’ve taken those steps, and it takes you 12 weeks instead of 8. You’ve still saved yourself years of time by taking big action. Or, maybe those results aren’t exactly what you wanted after all, but you’ve still moved in the right direction. Now you tweek the plans, and with your new confidence, you take more action.

It becomes a positive feedback loop cycle where you’re now always improving. 

But it all started because you took the initial leap to improve your body.

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