It’s easy in this day and age to get caught up in what other people doing. Whether it’s the fitness experts, business gurus, friends, or your significant other, comparison is a natural human sentiment.

This year, everybody has had their struggles.

Personally, this year, I’ve worked on overcoming comparison myself to others, whether that’s Justin, colleagues, or people on social media.

With so much time alone with ourselves it’s given me the space to be more introspective about my connection with myself

Now, I’ve always had a positive connection with myself, but this year has allowed me dwell on it further, to deepen it, to identify who I really am, and ask questions about how I then carry that in my interactions with others.

In my introspection, I found myself asking myself: What unique perspectives, experiences, and skills do I carry with me in my interactions?

Once I did the introspective work, the comparison bug dissipated. I knew my experiences could also offer a new perspective and varying strengths to my interaction with colleagues, clients, and yes, my partner Justin.

I see myself as a valuable member of others’ support teams, and likewise, I now recognize more which relationships bring me up.

Now, I feel like I’m getting to closer to where all of my relationships bring me fulfillment and growth that’s greater than the sum of our individual experiences.

In other words, the sum is greater than its parts.

And it all started with looking inward, rather than outward at others.

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