One day this summer when Alyse and I were in Florida, we were out on the water with our friends. As you do when you’re boating, you don’t actually spend most of the day boating. You pack your lunch, your drinks, your sunglasses, and then boat out to a place where the waves or calm, the breeze refreshing but not overwhelming.

brown ship sailing on sea during daytime

On this July Florida day, we headed out to a cove and found the perfect spot. As soon as the engine was turned off, I dove into the cool water.

But then, I noticed the boat seemed to be moving away from.

“Justin,” Alyse called out, “We didn’t put the anchor down yet, the boat’s going to keep moving away from you.”

Now I felt like the only thing that mattered was swimming back to the boat, even if it wanted to elude my grasp. That was my goal, and it looked so far away and impossible to get to. If I didn’t move, this goal would get further away.

Often in life, we feel like our goal is so far away.

We look and you see it and seems like from me to the boat feels like it’s just eons away and those steps (or in this case strokes) to get there are so hard.

Each time I did my best Michael Phelps impression, a wave came and knocked me back ten feet. At some point, I was just trying to stay above the water.

But, I just focused on step at a time, on the process of stroke after stroke.

I had a Alyse there coaching (or more aptly put, making fun of) me as I moved.

Eventually, I made it back to the boat right as the anchor caught on the bottom of the sea.

And in one semi-pull-up motion I yanked myself out of the water and onto the boat. I was like Zac Efron in Baywatch (not really). 

But that triumphant moment was a result of consistency.

If we just take one step at a time and focus on the process… Maybe we have mentors and coaches to help us along the way, helping us create a systems that we can follow day in and day out, then over time that distanced between you and the goal you’re looking up at will shrivel away.

When you pop on to the platform of your goals, everybody will be astonished when you pop out of the proverbial water, and on to your platform of success.

But it’s all about consistency.

The moment you fall the love with the journey, the moment everything becomes simple. What is your journey, and what system are you on?

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