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After a professional athletic career, Justin spent a decade as a performance coach in various elite settings, from the NCAA to the NHL. Justin brings the latest technology and human optimization from the realm of athletics to executives. He helps high performers learn to treat their body and performance like professional athletes so they can get the most out of their performance while optimizing recovery and well-being. Just focuses on the “Outer Energy” side of The Energy Equation, using the key metric of HRV.

Alyse brings over 11 years working as an executive in the fashion industry where she learned to lead and succeed by focusing on people and their happiness first. She is an ELI-MP and iPEC certified coach, combining her in-the-field executive experience with formal training on how to help entrepreneurs, executives, and other high-performers find balance and fulfillment while excelling at what they do best.

She founded Own It with Justin for ambitious, motivated people who need to find balance: on the edge (or maybe past the edge) of burnout, and looking for sustainable solutions to unlock their peak performance by focusing on the “Inner Energy” side of The Energy Equation.


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