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Own It: How to Break Through Barriers And Master Your Health, Wealth & Relationships

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We help unfulfilled high performers and workaholics…

This represents a large segment of those who have achieved success in their careers. They’re able to excel in their work and make the money they set out to… but for some reason they still feel trapped, unhappy or unfulfilled.

Build balanced lives that enable happiness and fulfillment.

This group of high-performers accounts for only 3% of those who have found success in their careers. They understand the 8 pillars that their happiness and fulfillment depend on and they are able to laser-focus on the areas that need attention to ensure they live a joy-filled life.

Our Promise, Every Day…

In this video, Alyse & Justin walk you through their vision & values when it comes to not only OWN IT, but their daily lives. Discover what you can expect when joining the program.

What if you could master the 8 essential pillars of your life to achieve…

1. Waking up feeling refreshed and excited everyday.

2. Meaningful relationships with your friends & family.

3. Hitting your physical and health goals to feel good in your own body.

4. Earning more money & enjoying the process.

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What People Are Saying…

“I had been looking for someone who could help me increase my wellness, habit formation & productivity. Until Own It, everything was too rigid and didn’t work for the schedule of a busy professional. Own It has helped me become a high performer in all areas of my life.”

Katie Guthrie– Litigation Lawyer

Every habit we learn either pulls us closer to our goal or further away, and the process Own It has taken me through has enabled me to accomplish all those goals and live the life I was born to live.

Sean Kuraly– Professional Athlete, Boston Bruins

“I feel better now than I did when I was 30. Own It has enabled me to live the high performance lifestyle in all aspects of my life.”

Todd Cohen– CEO, Icon Realty

You’re In Good Company

Justin & Alyse have made it their mission to seek out and change the lives of high-performers who lack happiness and fulfillment. Are you ready to become the next success story?


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NCAA D1 Coach & Entrepreneur/Supermom